Componenta 2014

Our strategic activities focused on improving profitability and efficiency. As part of this, the New Force efficiency improvement program progressed according to plan.


Componenta’s operations cover all services of a component’s supply chain, from engineering to a ready-to-install part of a vehicle, machine or equipment.


Sustainability starts from our values, strategy and operating methods and is an integral part of all of our operations.


Transparent and crearly defined corporate governance serves all our stakeholders.

Financial Statements

Information about Componenta´s result and financial position.

Heikki Lehtonen

In 2014, we achieved good success in the sales of new product projects.

Key figures 2014


Net sales


Operating profit excluding one-time items and exchange rate differences of balance sheet items


Personnel 31.12.2014


Result after financial items, excluding one-time items and exchange rate differences of operative balance sheet items

Working to improve quality

Working to improve quality

A significant recycler


of the main raw material used at our iron foundries in 2014 was recycled steel. 60% of production waste was reused.

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